Specialist additive Masterbatch

We are a professional Manufacturer & Supplier and Exporter of Color & Filler Masterbatches located in China.

Our Plastic Filler Masterbatch is made of High-quality Calcium carbonate & Talc and BaSO4 Other special Additives after extrusion molding from high performance twin-screw Machinery. It is widely used for polyolefin material in the process of extrusion, Injection, plasti Blowing, Film blowing, Casting, etc. When it is put into use, We can reduce material cost, and improve the character of final products. All of our products are export,Our quality is very stable.

Double Screw Extruder

Technological Innovation

As a professional MB supplier, manufacturer and exporter with a factory in China, our main products include all kinds of MB. We provide you with high quality MB products and excellent MB buy services. Enquiries from global wholesalers, distributors, buyers, agents, and OEM/ODM are welcome. If you are interested in any item of our MB products, please feel free to contact us.

Toner Color matching Service

in addition to striving for excellence in the field of masterbatch, we have been experiencing in the service of coloration and modification of a broad range of copolymers for its domestic and international customers.

We would like to be your reliable MB supplier and welcome to visit our factory..

What is Masterbatch?

is widely used in the paper making, paint, plastic, rubber, porcelain and chemical industries. The production lines are automatically controlled, th


Mainly applied

extrusion,injection molding,blow,film blowing, etc.





Caco3 MB

Nano Caco3 MB

Chromatic color

Color Master Batch

Color Master Batch