Anti-bacterial Masterbatch

These series color Masterbatch are of several advanced properties as anti-bacterial effectively, no harm to persons, no pollution, good dispersing quality, high heat resistance, brightness resistance, etc.

They seldom effect the physics capability of products.

Application Examples:

plastic-injection, plastic-blown, casting, plastic-extrusion, film-blowing, foaming.

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Application Ratio and Method

Mix this series Masterbatch with the stuff resin at ratio of 1:20 to 1:50 (different ratio decided by the user requirement or products property). After simply stirring the mixture to homogeneous (no addictive agent needed),we can get the final color products as we want.

Main Technical Index

Appearance [ Granule form, equal in size and shad ]
Heat resistance (0C) [ 250 ]
Anti-bacterial rate [ 3% input will effectively kill 88% ~100% Escherichia coli,staphylococcus aureuspseudomonad, etc. (4 hours after)]
Water ratio(%) [ ≤0.3 ]

Main Final Products

·household electronics
·packing Material
·Synthetic Fibre
·household utensils
·hygiene equipment
·sport articles