Anti-block Masterbatch

Anit-block Masterbatch is made by several kinds of high effect special addictives to mix together and through specific technical process. It is used for PP and PE products. This kind of masterbatch can enhance the products Anti-block property, and lubricant property.

When Anti-block masterbatch is used, one layer of lubricant film will occur and cover the plastic products surface. Meanwhile one microcosmic concavo-convex frame will be formed on the plastic product surface. By this way, it is distinctly to reduce the adhesion effect of plastic products.

Application Examples:

Foam, Sheet, injection mouldings, profile extrusion and others.

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Product Characteristics

· Reduce the adhesion effect of plastic products distinctly;
· Lubricant function during machining process for plastic products;
· When the ratio is suitable, it will not affect the transparent property.

Application Ratio and Method

Mix Anti-block Masterbatch with the stuff resin at ratio of 1:20 to 1:40 (different ratio decided by the product property). After simply stirring the mixture to homogeneous (no addictive agent needed), we can get the final products as we want.