Antistatic Masterbatch

Polyolefin anti-static Masterbatch can be simply used with good property. They are suitable for the plastic injection, plastic blowing, film blowing, plastic extrusion and salivate process for PP, PE,EVA, etc. These series products consist of natural color anti-static Masterbatch and colorant anti-static Masterbatch.

Application Examples:

Foam, Sheet, injection mouldings, profile extrusion and others.

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Application Ratio and Method

Mix these series Masterbatch with the stuff resin at ratio of 1:10 to 1:30(different ratio decided by the user requirement or product perperty). After simply stirring the mixture to homogeneous (no addictive agent needed), we can get the final color products as we want.

Main Technical Index

Appearance Granule form, equal in size and shad
Heat resistance ≥level 4
Surface resistance 108~1012Ω


After opening the packing, left Masterbatch should be sealed immediately to keep dry.