Black Masterbatch

Black masterbatch is a high technical masterbatch with excellent properties, relying on the type of polymer to be colored, We introduced advanced equipment and testing machine , and use imported excellent dispersing carbon black , carriers and additives to keep high quality final finished black masterbatch.

As per customers different request, we can manufacturer different carrier black masterbatch to meet with specified request of color shade, heat resistance, light resistance and even food grade from different customers.

Application Examples
Sheet, Film, Fibres, Injection Moulding and others.

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Carbon Black Content

  • 25% - 50%

Black Masterbatch

Technical parameter:
Carbon black content : 25%-50%
Melting point: 130-180℃
Water content: <0.3%

Let down: 1%-5% (Determined by product characteristics and requirements).

Product properties: high carbon black concentration, excellent dispersion, good heat resistance and heat stability performance, low water ratio.

Main application: Injection,Blowing, Spin Dyeing, Casting, Extrusion, Blown Film, Foaming et

Main final products: film ,bottles, drums, sheet, pipe, housewares, Toys & Sports , package , wire & cable, etc