Color Masterbatch

We manufacture a large range of color masterbatches with high concentration pigment and various colors to meet with all thermoplastic polymers and all transformation technologies applications. And color masterbatches comply with the leading international standards for foodstuffs contact and pantone number.

Color Masterbatches have excellent properties in color dispersion and stability performance, surface smoothness, even color without dust, UV absorption and weatherability.

Application Examples
Injection Moulding, Blow Moulding, Casting, Spin Dyeing, Extrusion Moulding, Blown Film, Foaming and others.

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Main Technical Index

Appearance: pellet form, Equal size and shad
Melt Temperature (℃) 125~200
Dispersing Performance: No color spot, color flow
Heat Resistance (℃) 200-300℃
Movability-Resistance (level) ≥4
Light Fastness (level) 4~8
Water Ratio (%) ≤0.3
Total Color Difference (CIELAB) ΔE<1.50
Let down: 2%-5% (Determined by product characteristics and requirements).

Product properties: high color pigment concentration, excellent dispersion, good heat resistance and heat stability performance, easy Coloring, environment protection, convenient operation.

Main application: Injection,Blowing, Spin Dyeing, Casting, Extrusion, Blown Film, Foaming etc.

Main final products: Household Electronics, Toys & Sports, Housewares, Packing Material, Wire & Cable,Vehicles, Building Material,etc.