Dehydration Masterbatch

Dehydration (Drying Agent) Masterbatch is a kind of advanced functional Masterbatch developed to solve moisture problem. It can dramatically absorb the moisture from plastic during molding process. Foam, gradation, crack, dot problems raised by moisture will be solved through add dehydration MB. It can keep product quality and yield to improve productivity and reduce cost.Meanwhile there is no bad effect to product physical mechanical quality.

It is widely used for recycling material, damped plastic and degraded plastic of PP, PE, PVC and PS during molding process (film blowing, plastic blowing, plastic injection, plastic extrusion, salivation).

Application Examples:

Foam, Sheet, injection mouldings, profile extrusion and others.

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Product Characteristicsl

·Absorb 20% equal to its own weight moisturel

·Easily use normal equipment, no change of process technique.

·No harm, no irritant, good plasticization property, granule form, equal in size and shade.

Application Ratio and Method

Mix these series Masterbatch with the stuff resin at ratio of 1:20 to 1:100,normally 1:50, no boasting material needed when moisture is below than 1%, (different ratio decided by the product moisture ratio), after simply stirring the mixture to homogeneous (no addictive agent needed), we can get the final products as we want.If moisture is higher than 1%, please dry material firstly to lower than 1%,then dehydration masterbatch can be used.


Stored in ventilated,dry and cool place. Damage on packing is not permitted. After opening the packing, left masterbatch should be sealed immediately to keep dry. After mixing with material, we suggest using out within 12 hours.