Micro-Cal is made with super micro calcium carbonate and other high quality special additives based in LLDPE carrier by advanced twin-screw extruder machine. The filler MB is very popular with our many of our customers because of its and stable high quality and excellent performance in the development of plastic LDPE & HDPE products industry.

Application Examples:
Film extrusion, injection moulding, profile extrusion, fibre and others.

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1、LDPE,HDPE :such as environmental protection litter bag of low fever, gum film scale,packing bag,shopping bag and plastic cloth etc..
2、ventilated extending film:such as soft ventilated disposable diaper.
3、Bubble help:shoe material, packing material etc..
4、HIPS、GPPS、PP and PE film use.

product characteristic

1、lower fever quantity, without dropping oil or black smoke. Don’t hurt stove and without harmful effects.
2、Good dispersion, do not drop powder even under high comparison.
3、Well ventilated thin film product.
4、Promote bubble quality.
5、Good printing and powder.
6、Improved working environment and automatically calculated .
7、White opacity can reduce usage of white pigment.
8、Lower cost.
9、Save raw material space.


Use immediately once the bag is open. Keep away from moisture.


25kg /bag