Nano Calcium Carbonate Masterbatch

Nano filler masterbatch is a high quality of filler MB made with nano calcium carbonate, plastic carrier and other special additives.The nano filler masterbatch can enhance stiffness, tensile strength, heat distortion temperature and rigidity, then improve the properties of finished products. It is mainly used in PP and PE pipe, plastic extrusion, injection, film blowing package material and medicine container.

Application Examples:

Injection moulding, sheet, pipe, foam, profile extrusion, film and etc. and others.

More details ...

Technique Index

1. Granule size for Calcium Carbonate: 60-90nm

2. Whiteness : ≥98%

3. Application ratio: Mix Nano Filler MB with the stuff resin from the ratio of 10% to more than 30% (different ratio decided by the product and user).

Product Characteristics

Compare to normal filler MB, Nano filler MB is with below superiority:

1. Better dispersing quality to keep the plastic products appearance more smoother, then keep plastic products surface in good printing quality.
2 .Improve flexural modulus fastness and elongation fastness;
3. Shorten figuration period;
4. Better heating seal property and some anti-adhesive property.
5. enhance the distortion temperature;
6. Better ageing resistance. Improve final product quality and lower production cost


Stored in ventilated, dry and cool place. Nano Filler MB is easily to absorb moisture from the air. So please use out soon after opening the package.