Weatherproofing Masterbatch

Anti-Aging Masterbatch is suitable for the outdoors plastic products,such as film, pipe, board, fibre, etc and other special needed products.With anti-aging masterbatch, the final products could greatly extend the outdoors lifecycle.

Application Examples:

Foam, Sheet, injection mouldings, profile extrusion and others.

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Application Ratio and Method

Mix Anti-Aging Masterbatch with the stuff resin at ratio of 1:20 to 1:25(different ratio decided by the user requirement). After simply stirring the mixture to homogeneous (no addictive agent needed), we can get the final products as we want.

Main Technical Index

· Appearance [ Granule form, equal in size and shade ]
· Heat Resistance [ ≥level 4 ]
· Light Fastness [ ≥level 7 ]